Sweet Sixteen Poem to my daughter Jacqueline

Dads watch their lives go speeding by, always asking GOD why?

Dads must survive the daily grinding;
Hoping that you and your baby girl hearts are slowly binding

Dads try to relive their lives through their boys;
But they spoil their little girls with all the right toys

Dads always hope that your little girl will keep them as “the apple of their eye”;
Knowing you’re building them so one day they can fly

Dads cherish their little girls like nothing else ever;
And they know it is truly their most noble endeavor

Dads will always guard their little girl like precious gold;
While quietly teaching them to be beautiful and bold

Dads carry many burdens that are often unknown;
But only a little girl makes them feel Iike a king where they sit on their temporary throne

Dads never really like the concept of another boy someday taking over;
But they support secretly hoping one day they might get another four leaf clover (granddaughter)

Dads know little girls are truly spiritual gems that change your life from day one;
Dreading the day the little girl phase is actually done!

Dads sit around talking incessantly about their girls 24/7;
Hoping that their good work was enough to get them into heaven!

Happy Sweet 16, Jacqueline Christine Rose Steier

Why The NBA needs Louisville and they don’t even know it yet!

IMG_0087.linked in photo for launch

There are bigger and crazier sport fans than I am, but I would still weigh in on the “serious supporter” side of sports enthusiasts, and the recent NBA talk around the city has really peaked my interest.

First, I want to be transparent upfront: since I returned to the city seven years ago, I’ve dreamed of a NBA team in my favorite city almost daily, and I push every chance I get to win over dinner party friends when the conversation heads that way.  I would actually invest my “first communion” money in this dream if I thought it would help secure a franchise just to position Louisville and the Commonwealth as the potential “Basketball Capital of the World.” This would be the first thing I would brand out if I were Mayor or Governor. We are a city and state on the verge of breaking out especially when considering the news this week that we are a “top 10er” for best U.S. cities for jobs! The NBA if nothing else is a magnet for talent recruitment, an economic driver to enhance our growing workforce needs which will make the difference for more global industry relocation in our state—a “common” “wealth” goal for our city and state leaders!

Second, I am throwing my personal support as a community leader to help organize grassroots efforts, along with others, to bring professional basketball back to where its deepest roots were seeded decades ago by Kentucky pioneers, way before the NBA ever thought about becoming one of the most recognized brands in our first “Dream Team” World Tour in 1992!

Like you, I watch and listen, and I do understand the growing appeal of soccer around the world, and have been to many games locally myself. But it seems farfetched when most of us can’t even name the MLS All Stars from last season, and if we will ever get a Major League level team here. The recent MLS city selection process proved just that anyway.

On the other side, I get our beloved Bats deep roots that take us back to the Louisville Colonels at Parkway Field.  But we knew we were only a minor league town and properly embraced it. As an avid baseball fan, I still see baseball on a slow death across the country and it needs to be structurally overhauled to keep future generations engaged in it, or it will look like Catholicism in Europe in a few more decades.

But regarding basketball, it’s a different story – we love it, we understand it, we breathe it, and we embrace it in any way we can get access to it.

First I am a diehard University of Louisville fan and consider my UofL ticket package as my “stay vacation” because I have loved our Cardinals irrationally since birth, like many of us. I can go back to my grade school days praying my Catholic prayers on my knees at the side of my bed where I would slide in a few Cardinal prayers, asking God if he would help us get our first NCAA title just to “shut up” my Big Blue classmates for once.

In my slowing maturity, I learned to love the Kentucky Wildcats years later when I moved away and quickly realized we need less “hate in this state” about our best Commonwealth assets, while outsiders across the country look at us with envy.  I finally had the revelation that we need to shift our mental mode from “bitterly divided” to a theme of “unification and abundance” and just own our very aspect of “BASKETBALL INC” so we can celebrate basketball in any form! In the end, we just need more things to cheer for in Kentucky in general with the “theory of abundance.”

As a supporter, I think I understand the resources required to support our Two Crown Jewels of NCAA college basketball that are only 70 miles apart…and how blessed we are to have that “world class college” experience any time we want it or need it!

Both programs are revered around the country and I feel great pride traveling in my day job and talking them both up every chance I get! I often say Kentucky Wildcat Alumni could field the first two expansion teams by themselves with nearly 30 former Wildcats tearing up the NBA with Kentucky roots. That would be another world record again for us that we should claim!

On the flip side, many Commonwealth basketball enthusiasts are too busy cheering on their own respective teams, that they don’t realize our small state has held every major basketball title! The dynasty runs deep! In 2011 alone Bellarmine University won their first NCAA Division II title, the University of Pikeville Division III, not to mention UofK’s NCAA championship victory, and our Lexington-based Georgetown University winning the National Independent Association basketball title—all in the same year, along with the Universities of Louisville and Kentucky both with their steady top 10 annual presence—the state is already a basketball mecca—just needing to be claimed!

What other state in the U.S. could ever hold possible the honors of the “U.S. Title State for All Basketball” and “Most NBA Players from One State”?

We have many negative people saying no one would buy NBA tickets. Are you kidding me? We sell any real sporting event like no other place in America verified by the Breeders Cup and any PGA event including the Ryder Cup, despite being hard to get to by travel standards.

Personally, I have attended NBA games in over half the cities in the U.S., preferring basketball over food on my travel per diem since the early 90’s. In many markets, an NBA game is just another social outing option for many, or a corporate thank you gift to a vendor or management team, or your family ticket package divided with your church group, but here in Kentucky, “Basketball” is a TRUE RELIGION and SHOULD BE!

Perhaps it is silly but I actually believe that the NBA needs their Green Bay type city where the franchise has a kind of religious experience with everything they play and NBA watchers worldwide could see “true fanatics” that this game creates. We already have that in our DNA, from our intergenerational connected heritage, our elder’s storytelling passing the torch over family dinners, and in our daily lives where it is embedded in every day conversation because we ALL know BASKETBALL like no other city, state or country in the world!

To keep it simple, I don’t really understand the heated political debate about it, the complicated venue debate either, or the economic argument around something so fundamentally simple that we should claim ourselves as “The Basketball Capital and Basketball Mecca” for the world to find! Especially with our horse heritage in the Kentucky Derby, our expanding art community, new business “landings,” the bourbon explosion—our city is on the verge of breaking out into a top city in the nation and a destination spot to live in! Let’s be not only the greatest “two minutes in sports” but the greatest 48 minutes in basketball in the world!

We all need to just start celebrating great basketball all around us and move beyond our own bitter basketball rivalries. Go see a Bellarmine University game and tell me their energy isn’t better than anywhere in the country for D1 or D2.  Even if you don’t like UofK or UofL, go to a home game at the other venue and observe the passion, or watch our crazy parents in youth basketball games and realize we love basketball for the essence of what it symbolizes to all of us!

This sport is a cultural experience that displays lyrical team chemistry when played correctly and is a game that can be played with cost effective economics without barriers to entry. It can be mastered by any size person, we learn life lessons about winning and losing, but more importantly to play by the rules and leave everything you have on the court!

We need to take back “our” basketball legacy, especially its capacity as one of the biggest future economic-drivers and brand it out:  “NBA to Louisville,” “The Basketball Capital of the World,” “The Basketball Title State,” and “The Pro-Basketball Training Center.”  All we ask is that they return our World Champion Kentucky Colonels back to us so one day we could be the first place in the world to hold all the important basketball titles in one state! And everyone can be a fan!

Please embrace the possibility of it, dreaming of something bigger than ourselves, imaging the greatest athletes in the world entering the Basketball Capital of the World. Let’s get serious about it because no matter what rumors you’ve heard, if “we build it they will come,” it is our own “field of dreams” because the NBA knows they have a brand on fire that must grow and breed success – and, as we know, there is no place like Kentucky in the world!

Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

The Great Commonwealth, Long ago 

Poem written by Joe Steier and read at his induction into the Kentucky Entrepreneur Hall of Fame

Long ago, there was only one road to chose,

I looked for a very different path

But you had to be willing to lose,


Long ago, there was only one way

down the glimmering proverbial hall,

When you tried to walk away

Many hoped you would fall,


Long ago, My bricklayer father left me

with haunting words for sure

but I could just never find the exact cure!


Long ago, the starting point was

Your world would definitely be thinned

But at that time it was almost consider a cardinal sin.


Long ago, And there are no real books or formula to even follow,

And one you stepped out

you better figure out quickly or

you would sure be swallowed


Long ago, I searched high and low for the keys

to the secret spirited club and

then realized we were all being snubbed.


Long ago, there were pioneering owners

who Controlled the great big ball,

But how could you still respect them

and still answer your call,


Long ago, when lifetime jobs started to disappear

They came calling out for all of us

to all reappear


Today the world of re may look like

Atlas is really shrugging

like Ayn Ryand once predicted

but it will be all of us who make them stand corrected


Today we are all here to celebrate

the new options for everyone’s personal walk

But we know for sure it is no longer just talk.


Today because of many great pioneers have paved the way for “the all”

It is not nearly as hard to answer your call –


Today I can touch the special spirit almost everywhere I go

It gives my great joy to see all the new ways everyone can now grow


Today we see the changing commonwealth as the place to soar

And The great ones I study never keep score


Today, negative pulsating issues may carry the media’s day

But it is Our entrepreneur’s unbridled spirit that will pave the new way!


Thanks to everyone for the amazing award, and God Bless to all of you and the Commonwealth!

Blog 67 – Returning to Scotland to try again!

Blog 67 – Returning to Scotland to try again!

Every golfer who can play a lick, dreams of visiting Golf’s Hallowed Grounds in Scotland where the magic of golf was created as the most honorable and noble sport (in my opinion). But, our first visit eight years ago was a brutal humble learning experience for the entire Steier clan.

Back then, Joseph (age 10) and Jacqueline (age 7) earned a spot into US Kids World Championships at Pinehurst, NC and Scotland’s European Championship because they were playing pretty well on the South Florida Local US Kids Tour. Jacks had actually earned “Player of the Year” so we decided to try Scotland and entered our kids into the European Championship in Gullane, Scotland on the North Sea.  adeee35a-a150-47bc-bb50-a9335957bd6f

Keep in mind, our kids had never played a links course, never played in 30 plus mph winds, never been in thicket rough below knee high , never seen a pot bunker, never played in cold rain , never practiced a punch shot, etc. but we still went, making it an ambitious family vacation anyway.

With gailing winds, little preparation, and a whole different game of golf, the kids really did not understand. We finished in the very bottom of our respective age groups with Joseph getting better every day but with Jacks threatening to never play golf ever again and in tears on the spot as winds almost knocked her over and a few pot bunkers. We were not sure she would ever made it out!

We hung out in Edinburgh, an amazing city, for the last two days agreeing the word “golf” could not be brought up without a family penalty – and really enjoyed the history and the beauty. So golf became a fading memory during the rest of the trip.

jackie-joe-2017-european-champEarlier this year, Jacqueline and I started talking about going back for another shot but with a better plan, more prep, and an entirely different approach. And Joseph has aged out anyway.  So we booked, but almost cancelled 10 times for various reasons. But in the end we agreed it was time to “bury the demons” once and for all!

Well, this week, all the old frustration became joy as we practiced hard at St Andrews learning to bounce balls up, hit pit bunker shots by the hundreds, and learned to keep her ball stance more stable during high wind periods. We went to the course for practice round we booked by ourselves so we could hit shots from everywhere, and it worked!

Playing on the sea, in rain the first day and putting poorly we carded a disappointing 86, but the next day Jacks shot her career low tournament round, 73! It felt like a 68 due to winds and a few tough breaks on bunkers we had to play sideways, moving her into 4th place with a round that seemed like a miracle!

The last day, the winds kicked up to nearly unbearable on a few holes, but Jacks played even better and had it 2 over with a short tap in on 17 that turned into a temporary disaster and an emotionally frustrating 18 that gave 4 shots back to the field with only 1 and 1/4 of a hole to go. But her 78 was still second low because of the tough conditions at the Luffness New Golf Club in Scotland.

img_1188There was a runaway 1st place player, Euphemie Rhodes, who out classed the entire field but Jacks 86, 73, and 78 earned her a 2nd place runner up finish which is a feat I am so proud of!  To go from last, eight years ago to 2nd place this week was the best golf I have ever seen her play. She just hit great shots 95% of the time against a solid international field and having the lowest American finish ever in the girls 15-18 division!.

Due to the finish, Jacks earned a spot on the International Van Horn Cup Team where she fired a very solid 75 the next day at Gullane Golf Club, one of the five oldest courses in the world. She was on the winning European Van Horn Cup team, as well, despite losing her match, but making it a “break-thru trip” of a life time.  We carried our runner-up European Van Horn Cup trophy through the airport like a deceased relative in an urn!

The moral of the story – let’s always go BACK out and ELIMINATE our fears and take it on! It might be a new day, a new season, or you are so different now that this TIME it will be your conquering moment – like it was for Jacqueline!21f138e3-962d-46be-9ea8-6763b5305fd2


Blog 45:  Being “up close and personal” with Bellarmine Greatness and understanding better now where it comes from!

Blog 45: Being “up close and personal” with Bellarmine Greatness and understanding better now where it comes from!

I am going to make a bold prediction: Bellarmine earns 2nd National Title in less thanjs-bellarmine-honor-captain-2-0217 45 days because this team may not have the star power of the previous, led by Braydon Hobbs and Jeremy Kindle, but this team may even have more depth, greater talent distribution, two top GLVC players (Number 5 Guard Rusty Troutman and Number 1Forward Adam Eberhard), and the love of each other that you can rarely find in college sports and the secret sauce that defines “mastery of confidence”! 
First, I was a scholarship aid athlete at Bellarmine as a golfer for Coach Lally in the late 1980’s and we won quite often and seemed to help move the program to another level. My teammates were some of the best men I ever knew but I am more excited about this year’s men’s team because they could win the 1st national championship in men’s golf ever at BU! The whole place is on fire!!
Second, I was at Springfield when Bellarmine won their 1st National Championship in js-bellarmine-honor-captain-5-0217Men’s Basketball in an epic battle with BYU-Hawaii that came down to the wire and left all of the Bellarmine fans exhausted when the horn finally rang and we had our first. The mayor took a few of us out afterwards and we cheered and celebrated like it was 1999 again! What made that so special for me was
1.      There were Alumni from the first graduating class and early star athletes like former AD Jim Spalding and many others sitting next to us who were in tears when it happened.  It seemed like this victory cemented the “BU have arrived nationally” to many of the early pioneers of the university who chose Bellarmine as an early risk taker who knew it was going to be “a special place”.
2.      Being on the Board of Overseers for over 8 years, I remember the first day they brought Coach Davenport to our board meeting to introduce him as our new men’s head coach. We had been a “non factor” in college basketball for quite some time, but we knew Coach could bring true passion to the program. Most of us knew it was just a matter of time and it would happen at the highest integrity, because Coach Davenport always wins at all levels and plays by the rules. 
Since then, we have stayed in the Top Nationally year in and year out and almost take it for granted, but the other night, I had the great opportunity to be the Honorary Captain of the 2016-17 men’s basketball team. To be up close with this special group of young men, I noticed that they just seemed very different, which took me a while to reflect and define it. 
Then it hit me, yes, Coach D and his staff prep a game like very few in the D2 circles, but it was the “unselfish love and unity” that really surprised me.  They have BIG stars, but it was “the 15 Strong” tag line memorialized by Pat Riley in his last coaching championship with the HEAT that I witnessed. And Bellarmine had that exact same js-bellarmine-honor-captain-4-0217element where you can’t tell the difference between stars and role players.  
You see it in warm ups, you see it in the body language that shows through in each player, you witness it with Patrick McSweeney presence around the locker room that reminds all of the players to “cherish your time” and “to play for something bigger than yourself” and there are no guarantees in life except the “here and now”, which resonates throughout the locker room. 
There has been much research on mental toughness and team dynamics in regards to what makes individuals and teams perform at our optimal level.  I realized this team has that high mental confidence level that is that “X factor” that is hard to label.  
I thought about Dr. Gio Valiante, the famed Rollins College psychology professor, who found that perfect intersection where athletes who establish the perfect blend of “humility and gratitude” as the primary drivers and motivators to develop the deepest confidence levels at a high correlation level.  These athletes regularly overcome pressure with somewhat ease, which he attributes that the “gratitude” helps the athlete maintain a high level of joy, even under great pressure.  
js-bellarmine-honor-captain-6-0217Those two mental modes – gratitude and humility – were hardwired in the game day practice (as players explained their routine), the dinner before (celebrated with grace), the loose but intense warm ups, and in every aspect of the game by each player coming in and out of the game – they all played with great humility and deep gratitude that was the difference maker between this team and everyone else in the country. 
I have seen many individual athletes have it, but never on one unified entire team until last week – Bellarmine has it! 
Come to Sioux Falls, South Dakota on March 25th and watch them cut down the nets with gratitude and humility!