What Can Post Acute Care Learn From Howard Dean’s Health Care Predications


Yes, he was a U.S. presidential candidate front-runner in the 2004 election, a three-time governor of Vermont who was thrust into office after the death of his predecessor, and a very capable doctor. But this is really about his view as an active board member of Extendicare and a former health care innovator who was first to accept block grants, creating universal health care for all children, that makes his predications more interesting to reflect on.


Joe Steier named a health care ‘Leader of the Year’

Joe was one of three Louisville-area health care professionals to be named a ‘Leader of the Year’ by Business First newspaper. The other two honorees are Norton Healthcare President and CEO Steve Williams, and the University of Louisville’s Dr. Roberto Bolli.

A full-length article about Joe was featured in the local business paper’s annual Partners in Health Care publication. To read the article, click the link below.


White House Visit

L-R: George Timmering, Mayor Fischer, Joe Steier

Several weeks back, I was very blessed to go with my childhood best friend, George, to the White House with Mayor Fischer and a diverse group of community business leaders who help define one of the most livable cities anywhere in the U.S. – Louisville!

What a great experience, walking the White House grounds, feeling the famed White House with the Mayor and new friends all feeling the same humble respect and awe of our amazing heritage while getting ready for the meeting with many of President Obama’s top leaders at a facilitated lunch about each leaders special journey and why we were all there. You always think your walk is really special, but there were many who inspired me to think bigger by just hearing their stories.

It was time.


Reflections on LTC 100 and NIC

Real Collaboration To Change Health Care Forever

There is such an organizational bias by many health care leaders that their approach to innovation, creative programming, and proprietary strategy is obviously the best route for their company because they may have helped author it. That may be a great way to have a homogenous battle cry that motivates closely aligned teams, but I often doubt if it creates many industry game changers that stick or grow. We have all been on the pulse of an organization where the command center operates like a one-way firehose to the field without interruption. I have fallen into that trap many times myself, when there is that “passionate rush” to operationalize top-down strategic opportunities that may have incremental impact at best.


Becoming a CNA

Sometimes in life, we really get so close to the red hot center that it takes your breath away and you are forever changed. I think becoming a CNA (Certified Nursing Assistant) is one of those epic moments. I don’t think our government will ever mandate that we all become CNAs, like paying taxes in the U.S. or military service in Israel, but maybe they should if we really want to become a compassionate nation again. Heck, it (true humble service to another) could be the perfect presidential platform to get everyone on the same page for once and steal this upcoming election.