“Medical News” Interview, December 2010

Below is the full transcript of an interview with Joe for the December issue of “Medical News.”  The interview covers important ground on a wide variety of topics, and provides good insight into the future of long term care from Joe’s perspective.

1)    Signature Healthcare’s move to Louisville was a significant boost to the healthcare economy.  Can you talk about your reason for selecting Louisville?


Really, a confluence of reasons made Louisville the best choice for Signature. We had four key goals in our relocation search: access to the best healthcare talent, a cost-effective headquarters, strong research commitment and real university partnerships. In the end, the opportunity to enter one of the most creative healthcare provider markets, work side by side with some of the best senior care companies anywhere in the U.S. and help found our state’s first international center for innovation with the University of Louisville and other state leaders was too hard to turn down. (more…)