Why I love SHC Service Week at the Revolution!

Why I love SHC Service Week at the Revolution!

It comes every year, and I see the progress we are making every time I work the floor but this year was really special for me!
I was offered SHC of Spencer County where we used to pass ice for Jeff Stidam during a 2001 survey war with the state, where we had a pretty ugly union struggle over a decade ago that was highly contested by both sides, and where I had my Serenity Immersion Experience several years back, and where David Baumgartner and I started together nearly 17 years ago. Today we were side by side again!
Here’s the Progress I witnessed – 
1. Love “the Huddle” – speed, teamwork, news you can use, and prayers are needed – we need to hardwire it and spread it. Easy to streamline day! 
2. Simply Me – the resident knowledge made every room we served so much easier to communicate and share! Should be everywhere! 
3. Quality of Life getting better – just a regular Monday had a great bible study that I sat in and participated, tear off the roof caroling before lunch! They needed a break too! 
4. Serenity Color Coding helped me once I re-learned it again. Gives me confidence when I understand it -Not everyone knew it but a great tool! 
5. SHC uniforms – still look great!Love mine and we need to improve but not cancel! We had great looking stakeholders at every unit turn I made! 
6. SHC Medical Partners getting real traction – having that full time Nurse Practitioner on site gives us great creditability and relevant knowledge at our finger tips -it is still a game changer which I could obviously see and we need it to make it a standard! 
7. IHN – my nurses liked our stuff more this time than in years past – all of the progress on RAi MAX, ezmar, etc and we are not too far from an integrated system – go faster! 
8. Recent Housekeeping Change – based upon what I saw yesterday were hard working people really caring about what customers really want – if they keep that effort up it could be a home run! 
9. The physical plant was great and the thematic holiday decorations were above many I have seen – the new village, the therapy gym, etc 
10. Spencer has great spirit, teamwork, and sense of community that made me want to go back today that I truly miss – when we were helping residents enjoy breakfast side by side my CNA’s were so loving that they knew every subtle resident que with ease and everyone has a great morning! 
Small Changes that I would recommend that would have really helped me – (that are optional)
1. Jelly for our fresh toast was nearly impossible to open and takes too long – painful and hard to keep up speed
2. Love to see more therapeutic options outside of traditional rehab such as multi sensory environments as part of daily Q of L mindset or it’s never too late or available for the larger group. 
3. More pens out in cups because we had to write down notes and consumption on tickets – and forgot mine and lost one
4. Too many door codes to use and remember in one center – many doors should have same codes everywhere in low risk areas – for example, leave the gloves out and I could go faster! 
5. New coffee cups that are like Yeti because our plastic ones that are two decades old in design turns cold too fast and I hate cold coffee – we could clean and use over and over again! 
6. Time Well Spent needs a facility champion because it was not really a priority or really understood that well and how easy they should all get it especially 1st shift! It was on the break room but not part of the culture! 
7. Bigger TV’s in many rooms because many are too small for residents to see and everyone loves a good show! 
8. Less turnover because our CNA’s knew their residents like it was their own grandparent and man does that makes a big difference! 
Thanks for letting our team serve you, the eldersand the amazing centers that we are blessed with because we come back renewed and refreshed and ready to live theRevolution more than ever! 
Have a great service week! 
Joe Steier, CNA
Finally Some Healthcare Care Wins for the Revolution to Celebrate – The rebuilding of our industry

Finally Some Healthcare Care Wins for the Revolution to Celebrate – The rebuilding of our industry


How can we separate the short-term from the long-term in the middle of a consuming battle of change swirling around us. It is hard to see the different dimensions between the two because the short-term can overwhelm and you can no longer “see the forest from the trees” – (Heywood, 1546)

The unending challenges we face – hard to find staff, overzealous regulators, rising acuity with our elders, ruthless managed care rate compression, shorter stay residents, new shiny competitors, etc. ….these local battles everyone feels daily, combined with our owns struggles the last few years like Legalized Extortion in Kentucky, 3 Different Turnarounds mired in broken promises that were at the bottom of the Nursing Home Compare Listings combined with our own self-inflicted injuries from our “well intended” failures to compound our own problems.

However, I tell you honestly that positive change is starting to happen around us and today WE NEED IT because there are finally some long-term epic wins that bring back justice, fairness, and new certainty to Long Term Care that tell us HELP is finally on the way!

In the last 75 days, we have seen our 5 biggest wins in years –

  1. The Supreme Court granting a “stay on arbitration” last month that would have eliminated the agreements as the best form of legal justice that will hold for several years to come – helps us greatly with nearly 90% arbitration signed the Revolution – see link to Ruling –

  3. Last month, the shocking KY House Flip that will bring some form of “must have” Legislation Relief in in 2017 – where we have been drained of millions annually in cash flow without ever even getting a day in court – REAL initiatives on the table include Medical Review Panels (April 2017), as well as more comprehensive tort reform with caps! Possible in Nov. 2018. Now with the supermajority in the House other opportunities include – “Judgement” interest rates reformed, Prevailing Wage repeal, tax reform, Right-to-work….A new HC future is coming in KY. including our continuing work on regulation repeal, Medicaid pending reform, urban-rural designation finally amended…..!

  5. The potential “Guest Worker Bill” to ease Nursing Shortage that will bring widespread increases in staffing resources, new staffing possibilities, and reduce turnover – where we have experienced both agency usage and record turnover for the first time in years – 

  7. The new administration selection of Dr. Price to overhaul HHS. Dr. Price has been a great friend of the Revolution and has even spoken at our SHC Learning Congress in 2014, and knows there has been unnecessary regulations and punitive executive orders that must be terminated – Clip below and gain some insight into his future sculpting, esp. from the perspective of a provider! We are/were ahead of our time!

  9. The Recent DOL injunction – which shocked many but it will help support stable organizational structures where we can afford full time Management and Leadership resources to help lead us without major restructuring pressures that the executive order mandated to survive.

These five big wins are all seminal in nature and will help start the rebuild of our industry that has been under siege from outside forces for the past few years that should let us all see the “light at the end of tunnel” that is finally coming – let’s stay the course and bring light and hope back to the industry that we love to serve like no one else!

Signature’s Hometown Revolution Wins Big at Eden Conference

Signature’s Hometown Revolution Wins Big at Eden Conference

Earlier this month, we had amazing validation that our leaders are pioneering the Eden Alternative Movement where many previously believed it was for “one-off’s” or “not-for-profit” do-gooders only.

Let me tell you a quick, cool story that will show how dreams manifest when we commit, dig deep, and stay the course – the magic always happens!

Nearly a decade ago, I worked with the Pioneer Network (prior to their leadership change), and believed this “mind-set” needed culture change and a holistic caregiver approach for our organization.

We sent a few young revolutionaries up to Columbus, Ohio to attend their conference and assess culture change pathways, review operability, and decide if we could make it a widespread movement.

Since then, our Hometown Team started their Eden Alternative journey. They have “operationalized” culture change like no other mid-size operator ever!

They built custom culture change training, hardwired it into their daily culture and made it a big part of their vernacular. They also developed intergenerational learning through summer camps, enhanced the universal caregiver into the Holistic Caregiver model, and developed an Eden Alternative Milestone cadence, plus hundreds of other programming efforts that make it all work!

This past week, our team humbly accepted some big, meaningful awards that demonstrate we are a part of the change we all want to see.

Here is the list of winners:

  • Lucy Kennedy, an Elder living at Signature HealthCARE of North Florida, won the Eden Alternative International Elder Award. She was nominated for her work with Senator Gaetz to increase the personal living allowance for Elders living in nursing homes in the state of Florida. The allowance was raised from $35 to $105 per month. Senator Gaetz said Lucy not only inspired him, but impacted his career in a positive way!
  • Phillip Ramey, Chaplain at Riverview Health Care Center, received the Eden Alternative International Care Partner Award for his dedication to the Eden Alternative journey. Phillip exudes enthusiasm, leadership, passion and compassion for those around him, and is dedicated to making Elders’ lives more meaningful.
  • Mountain City Care & Rehabilitation Center won the Eden Alternative Master Gardener Award for their work with the Holistic Caregiver model. They are working on an Eden Alternative Path to Mastery 3, and continue to blaze a trail of innovation in health care modeling.
  • Angie McAllister was awarded the Nancy Fox Leadership Award for her leadership in culture change. She works with 60 homes in Signature’s Hometown segment to infuse culture change practices into the fabric of daily life.

In closing, we now have 28 Signature homes who completed Path to Mastery Milestone 1 and another nine who have completed Path to Mastery Milestone 2. This gives us 37 Signature homes who are fully immersed into the Promised Land and are helping us define the Revolution in a very tactical way!

The Largest Hall of Fame Ceremony in the World!

This week, the Signature Revolution continues to break elder care world records.

We recently helped establish a new Guinness World Record for ‘Longest High-Five Chain’ in the world when SHC of Terre Haute residents and stakeholders joined the community for the United Way’s ‘High Five Campaign for Every Child.’

And last week, the most senior athletes in the world competed in regional Senior Olympics events ranging from Tampa to Tennessee to Louisville, where hundreds and hundreds of elder athletes competed to win team championships and prestigious medals with cheering crowds.

But this week is even bigger.


Gulfport: Amazing Story


Rarely in our lifetimes do we get the chance to bring something back to life.

We may ‘add to’ life as we contribute to our divine purpose. Maybe a few times we ‘co-create life,’ as parents. But to bring it back or restore it like Elijah, the great prophet, did in the Old Testament when he resurrected the young boy of the widow, is a miracle to truly celebrate.