Our First Lifetime Achievement Award At The Revolution

Why do all great things have to come to end? That was my thought this past year as a recurring quiet reflection because Linda and I never really wanted to talk about it.  It made our last full-time year together hard for both of us because our eyes always watered up and we would try to find something easier to talk about knowing it was around the corner.


Is This The Best Ticket In The Best College Sports Town In The U.S.?

Home Office Senior Olympics Joe Blog-WEB-2178

Every year, Signature has its annual Senior Olympics at the home office with centers coming from three to four hours away to compete for individual and team medals,  and it keeps getting bigger and bigger…

I promise, if you can make it out, our opening ceremonies would rival any Olympics with each facility picking battle themes, a fight song and thematic uniforms. A panel of celebrity judges, headed by our one three-timer Bellarmine University men’s basketball coach Scott Davenport, rate their opening acts based upon team spirit, artistic banners and team energy.


Why The Revolution Matters


Last week, I had a magical day that let me touch the Signature Revolution up close and personal…

Several years ago, a dilapidated old nursing facility with a poor reputation located in Portland, Tennessee, operated by the Seventh Day Adventist Church that was attached to a small factory on the property, was offered to the Signature organization as another operational turnaround.


Joe Steier named a health care ‘Leader of the Year’

Joe was one of three Louisville-area health care professionals to be named a ‘Leader of the Year’ by Business First newspaper. The other two honorees are Norton Healthcare President and CEO Steve Williams, and the University of Louisville’s Dr. Roberto Bolli.

A full-length article about Joe was featured in the local business paper’s annual Partners in Health Care publication. To read the article, click the link below.


My Kids’ Life Lessons From Visiting The Revolution

Richard_ Cusati

During the past year, my wife and I started to take our four beautiful children to Signature nursing centers to visit residents, celebrate holidays, or just sing Christmas carols.

Our children are 13, 10, 8 and 6, so I thought it’s about time to teach them “the business” (just kidding). No, it was finally time for them to start learning community service, respect for elders, feeling the power of prayer, and witnessing life’s fragility up close.