Dads watch their lives go speeding by, always asking GOD why?

Dads must survive the daily grinding;
Hoping that you and your baby girl hearts are slowly binding

Dads try to relive their lives through their boys;
But they spoil their little girls with all the right toys

Dads always hope that your little girl will keep them as “the apple of their eye”;
Knowing you’re building them so one day they can fly

Dads cherish their little girls like nothing else ever;
And they know it is truly their most noble endeavor

Dads will always guard their little girl like precious gold;
While quietly teaching them to be beautiful and bold

Dads carry many burdens that are often unknown;
But only a little girl makes them feel Iike a king where they sit on their temporary throne

Dads never really like the concept of another boy someday taking over;
But they support secretly hoping one day they might get another four leaf clover (granddaughter)

Dads know little girls are truly spiritual gems that change your life from day one;
Dreading the day the little girl phase is actually done!

Dads sit around talking incessantly about their girls 24/7;
Hoping that their good work was enough to get them into heaven!

Happy Sweet 16, Jacqueline Christine Rose Steier