Participating in the Global Business Forum at the University of Miami on the future of healthcare, we had a chance to see top thought leaders, key researchers, private sector pioneers, and some personal icons, but it took me time to make all of the intersections connect.

Here it is:  public health is at a tipping point for the world (not just in the US).  The anti-leadership and anti-establishment sentiment everywhere has made it even harder for leaders to solve public health crises in many countries and states.  Aging is a world-wide problem, but many in the US see it as our issue only, and frustrations are running high everywhere.  But there is great hope behind your TV and laptop screens if you look beyond the obvious.

Last week I saw high-level collaboration first-hand that is quickly having a Medici Effect.  I witnessed healthcare as a global economy driver for the first time because of an information revolution that is removing geographic borders, so even the healthcare world is no longer flat.  I saw the beginnings of a personalized medicine revolution that can change it all.  Liquid biopsies are closer than we think.  I saw an Alzheimer’s scan that could put our greatest fears behind us.  Consumers are getting ready to take personal control, that will be the ultimate social/ cultural tipping point.

So in the end, man’s constant inquiry and quest for knowledge and meaning will make it go from constant negative media pounding all sides, to a time of unlimited possibilities like many other prior industry specific revolutions – don’t believe everything you see or read.  Top minds are totally engaged everywhere sharing info, partnering, and coming closer to world-wide breakthroughs that we all crave.